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I'm probably sipping on some white tea infused with homemade vanilla thinking about ways I can help others grow their mindset, develop healthy habits or inspire an "ah-ha" moment!
BUT what really fill up my cup is making people feel worthy because sometimes our journey gets dark, and you lose sight of your path- I've been there! My greatest desire is to see you with YOUR spark back, the spark that ignites you, the one that brings a big, beautiful smile because it radiates from deep within. It's that feeling of "can do" and "confidence". Most of us feel a conflict within ourselves because we can't figure out the big question, "Who am I?". The reason is because you need BETTER questions- instead ask yourself this: "Who am I BECOMING?" or "What fills my cup?" Life is not static & neither are you!

Let's get past all the Self-Doubt, Busyness and Excuses (yes, I went there), get in the way of fulfillment. Right NOW, more than EVER, you need "Doable & Sustainable" Frameworks to get you from where you are, to where you want to go!!!

Decide you are not going to stay where you are!

so grab some tea and read on...

There are moments in your life that knock you for a loop, and they change you forever! New life as well as death can be a great teacher to many people!

Like most, I have had my share of challenges including Hashimoto's-Thyroiditis, several breast cancer scares, and lower back surgery to repair nerve damage associated with three herniated disks, which I still have. Without surgery, I would have lost the feeling of my leg! The surgery was a huge success, but I must say, I pushed past my comfort zone and walked daily, no excuses...mindset made it happen! Today, I can run 5-7 miles, do HIIT, and weightlift, all without any issues. Better Habits have paid off!
My pregnancy with twins, was by far, the most difficult health ordeal I have ever experienced. Two little lives depended on me and a third at home. Bedridden for several months, I lost 20#'s from excessive vomiting and I went into labor 12 weeks early. Who knew you could be in labor for six weeks! Contractions every hour, every day for that six weeks! It was the most difficult thing I've ever experienced... have you ever been through something that you didn't know HOW you'd be able to make it through?
This included three emergency trips to labor and delivery for magnesium sulfate, which stops the labor. The doctors were amazed that I continued to do it repeatedly, as most refuse. It caused paralysis which gave me a profound appreciation for the use of my body, and this was done each time for days! Fortunately, my baby girls were born healthy and strong, even though they were still 6 weeks premature. During those weeks, I literally thought about what I was thinking about and visualized the babies coming home with me. Breath work was a skill I learned to control the never ceasing pain and I optimize my diet the best I could. (people we are talking hospital food for 6 weeks!!!) But mindset, nutrition and gratitude were all contributing factors to overcoming the seemingly impossible situation!
Then tragically, my mom passed away... out of the blue, she was diagnosed with brain cancer, Glioblstoma Multiforme and hadn't exhibited the normal symptoms. It was aggressive as hell and not operable. She choose to do chemo, and it devoured her. The next day, no more communication and she never opened her eyes again.
Day by day, her deterioration was literally visible. Memories of hopelessly trying to feed her, catheters, bathing and trying to move her lifeless body- will tug on my heart forever. She passed laying by my side; I hope she felt my love and presence.
Mom's lifestyle was not one focused on wellness, as she was always so BUSY, always doing for others. A solid reminder for self-care and to appreciate LIFE... BE GRATEFUL for each day, as it all can change tomorrow! The incredible thing about human beings, we are so remarkably resilient when faced with adversity and we can always find a way to persevere. Prioritizing self-care is a great start because if you are on the top of your game, everyone around you reaps the benefits too!
WHY am I sharing my story with you? It is with the HOPE that you see that we are not so different... you probably have had similar experiences. Tony Robbins says, "The Purpose of Pain is to move us into Action; it is not to make us suffer...suffering is an option." I believe this! I'm living proof of CHANGE and you can be too! There are many things out of your control BUT today's mindset and lifestyle choices can either help or hinder your tomorrow. How can you take this message and take ACTION on it? I am here to remind you of how powerful you are! I am here with solutions to get YOU the happier-healthier life you want.
I reclaimed control of my life, it feels so good because I chose to self-educate or call it a self-investment, either way I took action. Everything from numerous coaches, a ton of books, many courses and self experiments; through which I have invested $74K! It took years but it doesn't need to be the same for you- let me simply things. I can deliver the hacks you need in a framework that are both doable and sustainable! Come on, what do you say???

Come claim YOUR vitality, find your confidence, feel happier and healthier- no need to wait another day! Change doesn't have to be painful, time-consuming or complicated when it is done with a proven framework!!! 

In full Faith,

False  Evidence  Appearing Real

Welcome... this podcast is dedicated to the HUNGRY, those who are hungry for MORE, who desire a CHANGE for a HAPPIER , HEALTHIER LIFE! Here, we will FEED you bite-sized nuggets, to create Frameworks, or systems that find solutions, because everyone knows not to eat the Donut, right!!!! It's not the "What", but the "HOW"!!! Come learn how to CLAIM the REAL YOU, the TRUE YOU... by mastering better Habits and learning helpful Hacks, together we'll get you there! 

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