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The basic premise is that your present Framework is responsible of your thoughts and your thoughts produce your feelings, your feelings fuel your actions, and your actions create your RESULTS: Your Life!

Habits are the KEY! Apply them to your life in a micro manner and in a doable and sustainable fashion AND before long... You are that person you desire to be!


Regardless of how many times 
you have tried,


"I have been on antihistamines and sinus medication for over 10 years. I met with Caroline and she told me some amazing sleep tips, one was to avoid dairy which totally helped with my chronic sinusitis and the other was a whole new sleep regimen. I have been a mouth breather for years and I didn't know the issues this can cause! It worked like a miracle, I'm sleeping so much better and not waking up in the middle of the night for any reason which is instrumental in getting a better night's rest. She may have some unconventional ideas but they are worthy because they work!"
-Steve Musso
 "Caroline has given me thorough and detailed information about my health and overall wellness for a couple of years now. She really personalizes things so you get exactly what you need, in order to excel positively in a healthly lifestyle. I've played Divison I, college football for 5 years and she has provide better information for my needs than the provided health coaches and trainers. She always goes above and beyond, suggesting very helpful hacks to ensure my body and mind are 100%!"
- Bryson Armstrong
"I was stuck in self destructive behavior and not aware of this and became socially isolate as a caregiver for my parents. I want to say thank you to Caroline which seems inadequate. Believe me when I say she is a force to be reconned with. She was determined to not let me give up. She was supportive, empathetic  and very knowledgeable.  Most important, is that she has walked the walk and has clear insights to the health of the relationship you have with yourself! Before Caroline, I did not even aware of what my actions and thoughts were doing  to me. This has taught me many profound truths about where I was and where I want to be in my life. The habit of negative self-talk is becoming a non-negotiable and it is such a blessing.  I am actually doing things, things I haven't done in 15 years and it feels so good! My daughter even said, "I don't know what your doing Mom, but I want some of THAT!" That feels like success!"
- Maggie Darragh 



       Most of us wait for a crisis before we look into altering:
 Who we are, what we are feeling and what we believe is true...  

Start mastering those pesky habits, AND
get 1% BETTER Everyday with Micro Habit Building

I will show you how to STOP NEGIOTATING with yourself and 
implement a scientific approach to overcome your present habits! 


Imagine Your Life... 
Like the one you dream about!

What Does That Look Like?   What Does That Feel Like?
What thought have you believed that you no longer want to accept as you REALITY?


Atomic Habits by James Clear 

Tiny Changes, Remarkable Results
An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones
About The Book...
  • New York Times Bestseller
  • Amazon's #1 Best- Selling Book for 2021
  • Listed in Top 10 Books Internationally
Book Review Details...
  • Applicants can email me to JOIN! (Automation coming) 
  • Space is Limited to 25 Readers
  • ​Purchase of Atomic Habits Book Required
  • Meets Weekly for 6 Weeks
  • Date/Day/​Time to be Determined by October 1, 2022

Come Learn a Doable & Sustainable System

STEP #1 

Better Sleep For: 
  • Overall Happiness and Mood Stability
  • ​Better Energy Levels- Get Through Your Day
  • Ability to Focus
  • ​Better Productivity, Higher Earnings
  • ​Building Immunity
  • ​Coping with Stress
  • ​LOSING WEIGHT- seriously this is the best HACK!
Loss Weight

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I'm probably sipping on some white tea infused with homemade vanilla thinking about ways I can help entrepreneurs grow their mindset, develop healthier habits and give AH-HA moments!

Meet Caroline

BUT what really fill up my cup is getting people past the HOPE or hopelessness feeling and into the ACTION of making the change. Your present chosen thoughts generate your feelings and the outcome of those feelings create your present life. You are what you think!

Habitually, we choose about 5%, yes your read the right, 5% of our thoughts everyday, the rest are subconscious or autopilot. We can learn and change in a state of pain OR we can start micro habits that build up into achievements that create the life you WANT.

Sometimes our journey gets dark, and you lose sight of your path- I've been there and I know you have too.  I found answers and I have personally made significant changes to my life, so much for the better- my new self would be like; Who the hell are you?- lol!

ASK YOURSELF THIS- : "Who am I BECOMING?" or "What fills my cup?" Life is not static & neither are you!

I have a proven system to get past the Self-Doubt, Busyness and Excuses (yes, I went there), get to fulfillment. Right NOW, more than EVER, you need a science based proven frameworks to get you from where you where you want to go! That is my wish for you.

Decide you are not going to stay where you are!

My  Story

There are moments in your life that knock you so hard, they change you forever! 
Conquering some medical challenges in my life including Hashimoto's-Thyroiditis, lower back surgery from nerve damage associated with three herniated disks, still present but I keep the pain at bay with the habit of routine exercise at least 6 days a week and it works like a charm! Today, I can run 5-7 miles, do HIIT, and lots of weightlifting!
My pregnancy with twins, was by far, the most difficult physical ordeal I have ever experienced.  Bedridden for more than six months, I lost 20#'s from excessive vomiting and I went into labor 12 weeks early. Off to the hospital i went and stayed for six weeks! Who knew you could have  contractions every hour, every day for that six weeks!  The hours seemed like days...Ughhhh!
Mindset Mattered greatly through three emergency trips to labor and delivery with magnesium sulfate, which stops the labor. The doctors were amazed that I did this repeatedly, as most moms refused after the first experience. It causes paralysis! Life altering experience when you no longer have the use of your body! BUT my baby girls were born healthy and strong, even though they premature. During those weeks, I literally thought about, what I was thinking about, and visualized the outcome-loving my babies and having them come home. Breath-work was a new skill I learned to control the pain and I optimized my diet the best I could eating hospital food for 6 weeks!  Collectively, mindset, nutrition, and gratitude played a huge role with overcoming the seemingly IMPOSSIBLE!

WHY am I sharing my story with you? It is with the HOPE that you see that we are not so different... you probably have had similar experiences. Tony Robbins says, "The Purpose of Pain is to move us into Action; it is not to make us suffer...suffering is an option." I believe this!

I'm living proof of CHANGE and you can be too! There are many things out of your control BUT today's mindset and lifestyle choices can either help or hinder your tomorrow. How can you take this message and take ACTION on it? I am here to remind you of how powerful you are! I am here with solutions to get YOU the happier-healthier life you want.
I reclaimed control of my life, it feels so good because I chose to self-educate or call it a self-investment, either way I took action. Everything from numerous coaches, a ton of books, many courses and self experiments; through which I have invested $74K! It took years but it doesn't need to be the same for you- let me simply things. I can deliver the hacks you need in a framework that are both doable and sustainable! Come on, what do you say???
Welcome... this podcast is dedicated to the HUNGRY, those who are hungry for MORE, who desire a CHANGE for a HAPPIER , HEALTHIER LIFE! Here, we will FEED you bite-sized nuggets, to create Frameworks, or systems that find solutions, because everyone knows not to eat the Donut, right!!!! It's not the "What", but the "HOW"!!! Come learn how to CLAIM the REAL YOU, the TRUE YOU... by mastering better Habits and learning helpful Hacks, together we'll get you there! 

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  •  Health & Habit Hacks; A Life of Efficiency and Optimization!  
  • Anti-Aging & Immunity; Look Good & Feel Good!
  • Backed by Science with a Consensus; No Smoke & Mirrors!

"Life has no remote, so get up
and Change it yourself!"


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